How To View a Device's Status in Device Manager in Windows 8

Having a Hardware Problem in Windows 8? Check its Status for More Information

Screenshot of the Device Manager device status in Windows 8
A Code 28 Error for the Base System Device in Windows 8.

If you're having some kind of hardware problem in Windows 8, or you see a yellow exclamation point in Device Manager, the first thing you should do is check the device's status.

Windows 8 reports, directly in Device Manager, the status of each individual piece of hardware that it recognizes. If there's a problem, a specific Device Manager error code is assigned to the issue, hopefully providing you with a place to start troubleshooting.

Follow the easy steps below to view a hardware device's status from within Device Manager in Windows 8.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Viewing a device's status in Device Manager in Windows 8 usually takes less than a few minutes

How To View a Device's Status in Device Manager in Windows 8

  1. Open Device Manager, which you can do from the Windows 8 Control Panel, but using the Power User Menu is probably faster.
  2. Now that Device Manager is open open, locate the piece of hardware you want to view the status of by working down through the hardware categories using the > icon.

    Note: Specific pieces of hardware that Windows 8 has identified in your computer are listed within the major hardware categories you see.
  3. Once you've located the piece of hardware you want to view the status of, tap-and-hold or right-click on it and then choose Properties.
  4. In the General tab of the Properties window that's now open, look for the Device status area, most likely toward the bottom of the window.
  1. Inside the Device status text box is a short description of the current status of this particular piece of hardware.
  2. If Windows 8 sees the hardware device as working properly, you'll see this message:
    This device is working properly. 
  3. If Windows 8 determines that the device isn't working properly, you'll see an error message as well as an error code. Something like this:
    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
    If you're lucky, you may get even more information about the problem, like this:
    The SuperSpeed link to the USB device keeps going to an error state Compliance. If the device is removable, remove the device and then disable/enable from device manager to recover.
  1. Now that you have some information on the problem Windows 8 sees with the hardware, you can troubleshoot the issue based on the Device Manager error code shown in the message. See my List of Device Manager Error Codes for links to specific troubleshooting guides for these problems.

Tips & More Information

  1. Not using Windows 8? See How to View a Device's Status in Device Manager in Windows for links to steps specific for the Windows operating system that you're using.