Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Co-op Walkthrough - Seoul

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Secure the First Building - Eliminate the Three Guards

Do not go farther than pictured or the a
Do not go farther than pictured or the automatic turret gun will kill you.

Please note: This walk-through contains spoilers, and requires a basic knowledge of the controls in Chaos Theory. If you do not have the manual, take a look at our Basic Chaos Theory Tips, and be sure to play the online Training Mission. Your partner is your most valuable asset, choose wisely.

Your Objective - Capture Jong Pom-Chu Alive

This North Korean spy may have knowledge about illegal biological weapons programs. You and your partner must abduct him from a hotel in Seoul before the invading North Korean Army is able to secure him and get him to safety.

Secure the First Building

As you enter the level there is a building to the right, with a guard outside, be warned there are two more guards in the building, as well as two locks that need to be picked, a computer that can be hacked for code (optional) and an automatic turret gun that will need to be disabled. Eliminate the guard outside before he enters the building. Then have your partner quietly enter the building to take out the next guard just inside. Another guard will drop down from the ceiling in a few seconds, be ready to slice his throat as well. Do not go too far into the building at this point, as you will trigger the turret gun, the picture below shows about how far you can go before the turret gun will be activated.

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Deactivate the Turret, Kill the Guards, and Interrogate the Fake Jong

Interrogate the fake Jong and Move On.
Interrogate the fake Jong, knock him out, save the game, and move on to the door with the keypad.

Once all three guards have been eliminated, pick or break the lock to the room on the left, and hack the computer to get the hotel door code '7649,' which will be needed later to save you from hacking yet another door.

Deactivate the Turret

Have one spy temporarily deactivate the turret with the seconday (left trigger) action of the pistol, while the other sneaks by the turret to deactivate it via it's control panel. Once deactivated, move along by picking or breaking the lock on the next door, and dropping into the hole.

Once both spies are in the hole, there is another hole above, using the human-ladder method, climb into the next room and quickly turn off the lights. There is a door to the left (useless) and one to the right. Take the door on the right, eliminate the guard, and move towards the stairs. Shoot the light on the staircase out, climb them, and eliminate the guard up top in any fashion.

Interrogate the Fake Jong

There is a bathroom to your right, with the 'fake' Jong in it, interrogate him, and then put him to sleep using the left trigger. There is also a med kit in this room, and this should be your first save point. Note: Never save while the med kit door is open, or you will effectively kill the med kit, this is a glitch.

Once the game is saved, resume and use the code (7649) to unlock the door leading outside, but do not enter it just yet.

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Interrogate the Officer for more Information about Jong

The Officer is the second soldier.
If you can interrogate the officer, do it, otherwise, just kill him and climb the wall behind him.

Next you need to interrogate an officer for more information about Jong's whereabouts, this officer is just through the door you unlocked, along with two guards. Fortunately, this interrogation is optional, so if you cannot question him safely, just kill him. The picture below illustrates the situation outside the coded door.

Interrogate the Officer and Move On

Once you have either questioned the officer, or killed him (and his buddies) you can move on. Note: If you really want to question the officer the best way to do so is to distract him and his guards by throwing the bottles that are lying around, then kill the guards, and grab the officer from behind. To the right of the door you entered, just above the old refrigerator, is a ventilation shaft leading to a room with one guard and a computer. If you want, you can go this route, but this too is optional as it will only tell you to disable the boat, Jong's escape route.

Just beyond where the officer is pictured below, you can perform a human ladder move to climb the wall, and then scale the following fence. Move along to your right and you will see a balcony, and receive further orders to take out the AA (anti-aircraft). How to do this effectively is described in the next section. Once you receive the orders, be sure to save the game, as this next section can get a bit tricky.

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Detonate the First Anti-Aircraft Machine - then Move Quickly

Take the top right light out first.
There are two guards on the ground, have one spy go down the pole and take the light out first!.

After listening to the instructions and saving your game, note your options. There are several ways down from this balcony, but the best method is to have one spy slide down the pole (pictured on the bottom right) and have the second take the zip line (also picured). Make sure the second spy does not go down the zip line (by pressing Y) until the first spy on the ground has shot out the light on the top right. This needs to be done once on the ground, so communication is key.

There are three guards in this area, but only two of them need to be dealt with, specifically, the ones that are on the ground by the AA (anti-aircraft) machine. The third is on another balcony to your left, but will not see you in the dark, and can and should be avoided, as killing him is difficult unless you're very good with the rifle.

Eliminate the Guards and Destroy the First Anti-Aircraft

Quickly kill the two guards on the ground, and then have one spy stand on the other spy's shoulders to place a detonation charge on the AA. Once the charge is placed, move away from the AA before detonating. The spy who placed the charge will have a detonate option, move towards to sewer entry near the balcony before detonating the charge. Once you hear the explosion, move quickly, you will only have five minutes to detonate the next anti-aircraft, which is guarded by three additional soldiers, and in a more face to face manner.

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Detonate the Second Anti-Aircraft and Head for the Sewers

The second spy can go unseen, use this!
Once the first guard is killed, quickly take out the other two, and the detonate the charge.

Once you have detonated the first charge, move through the sewer tunnel to the next area, where you will find the next anti-aircraft machine, and three guards. You will notice that one guard moves close to you and sits down. Both spies should quickly enter the ground level, with one of them hiding to the right. This will draw the attention to the first spy as he kills the seated guard.

Kill the Three Guards and Detonate the Second Anti-Aircraft

As soon as the first guard is killed, things will get a bit messy, but as the attention is focused on the one spy, the other can easily take out the other guards from behind. Keep in mind, there is a time limit to detonating this next charge, so move quickly in this area. Once the three guards are eliminated, there are no more threats in this area, so place the charge on the anti-aircraft as you did on the previous one, move away, and detonate it.

Once detonated, you'll hear a humerous exchange between Sam Fisher and one of the terrorists, keep moving. You'll find a small rectangular entry in the ground to a sub-level sewer system. Follow that system, and when you arrive at the top, head to the left and go into the room on the right. Quickly turn the light off (the switch is on the right as soon as you enter), restore your health via the med kit, and save the game.

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Deactivate the Turret, Pierce the Boat, and Hop the Fence

Grab the smoke and head over the fence.
Once the turret is hacked and the boat is pierced, grab the smoke and hop the fence.

If you did the optional hacking earlier on, you'll hear a reminder about piercing the boat, if you skipped that step, you won't hear the reminder, so don't forget to pierce the boat. Just outside the room you are in are two guards on the platform, if you time it correctly, each spy can easily kill one of them at the same time.

Deactivate the Turret and Pierce the Boat

Having killed the two guards, the only immediate threat is the auto turret by the boat below, use the same method you used with the initial turret on the level to deactivate it, and while you are there be sure to pierce the boat so Jong cannot escape later on.

Once this is done, make your way around the platform that surrounds the water. There is one guard sleeping, sneak up on him and make him sleep forever, then take that alley to your right. You'll be forced to make a left, right into another guard, so shoot out the light above you to make killing him a breeze, and continue along that same path. There is a truck on the right (where you will eventually take Jong) which has two smoke grenades in it, pick them up and head over the fence directly opposite the rear end of the truck, as pictured below.

Over the fence there is a door to your left, up just a bit, with two guards in it. You may consider sparing one so you can force him to use the retinal scanner, or you could just kill them both and hack the scanner, both methods work well.

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Gain Access to the Cafe via the Retinal Scanner

Hack the scanner, and grab the health.
Once you get through this door, there is health, and a perfect spot to save.

The two guards inside the cafe are quite simple to defeat, just switch on thermal and you'll be able to see the first one come near the door. When he gets close, bash the door in to kill him. Now make a decision, are you going to kill the next guy, or use him for the retinal scanner? I almost always kill him, since hacking the scanner becomes so simple, but the choice is yours. Either way he has to be dealt with.

Gain Access to the Cafe via the Retinal Scanner

If you still have the guard, force him to open the retinal scanner for you. If you have killed him, hack the scanner and health up via the med kit directly in front of you as the door slides open. You'll hear allot of screaming, even some gunfire, but I haven't figured out exactly where this is coming from, as there are no threats to you until you go up the stairs past the bar. (Don't forget to shoot the light on the ceiling out, it will still seem bright but the light being out helps.)

Before moving any further, now is a perfect time to save the game. Once you reach the top of the stairs, that next door is where you need to go. Depending on the difficulty setting, either two or three guards is all that stands in your way to success.

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Kill the Guards in the Cafe and Grab Jong

Jong can't run faster than I can!
Move quickly and you can catch Jong right here, be sure to interrogate him.

If you haven't used the smoke you picked up in the truck yet, here is the perfect place for it. Inside the door is either two or three guards, one of which can be killed by bashing the door into him using thermal vision to see when he is close.

Kill the Guards and Grab Jong

The quickest and easiest way to kill the guards is to bash the door open into one of them, leaving only two left to contend with. As soon as you bash the door into the one guard, your partner should be ready and toss a smoke grenade into the room. Using thermal vision, once the smoke sets in, rush the room and kill the remaining guards.

There is a door to your right, ignore it, there is nothing in it of use. The door in front of you however, is where Jong is. If you move quickly enough, by breaking the lock on the door (don't try to pick it, it takes too long) you can grab Jong right there in that room before he runs. Particularly useful if you have forgotten to pierce the boat, in which case he will get away and the mission will be a failure.

If you do grab Jong in this room, just skip to step 10, as step 9 will not apply. If Jong runs, and he is quick, go to the next step.

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Grab Jong at the Dock

Poor Jong Needs a New Boat
If you missed Jong in the room, but remembered to pierce the boat, he'll be at the dock surrendering.

If you missed Jong in the room of the cafe, there is nothing to fear as long as you pierced the boat, he has nowhere to run.

Grab Jong at the Dock

Simply go back to the dock, where you originally pierced the boat and deactivated the turret gun, and grab him. He will not try to resist in any way. All that's left now is to get him back to the pick-up point, which is the truck where you picked up the smoke earlier. Go to step 10 if you need instructions, or simply take him to the truck and it will be mission complete.

Note: For points be sure to interrogate Jong, but do not kill him. It is OK to knock him out and carry him, which will be slightly faster than holding a knife to his throat the entire way back. Use your left trigger to knock him out after questioning him.

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Get Jong to the Truck - Mission Complete

Mission Complete!
Once Jong is on the truck, it's Mission Complete!.

It doesn't matter if you snagged Jong in the room, or on the dock, all that is left to do to complete the mission is to get him to the extraction point safely.

Get Jong to the Truck - Mission Success

If you followed the steps outlined in this guide, then you have already either killed or knocked out every enemy that is a potential threat from this point on, so all that is left is to make your way back to the truck where you originally picked up the smoke grenades (just before you hopped the fence).

There really isn't much left to consider, except the fact that you move very slowly with a knife pressed against Jong's neck. There is however, a solution to this as well. As long as you interrogate Jong, you can safely knock him out (using the left trigger) and then carry him while standing. Do not use the right trigger, this will kill him, and you need him alive. This will get you to the truck just a bit faster, but not much. Either way, as long as he gets there alive, it's mission success!