Robin Sandhu

Robin Sandhu has devoted his entire career to working with new technology, from the early days of building websites through to working for one of the largest IT companies in the world.


As a technology consultant for IBM, Robin worked on a wide range of European tech projects, in industries ranging from the public sector to banking. He served a variety of roles from analyst, to programmer, to lead architect, and worked with many of the latest enterprise and web technologies.

Robin also has a variety of teaching experience in technology, having assisted in the instruction of university courses in IT for business, and database management. He has delivered talks on cloud computing, and disruptive technology in the education sector.

Currently, Robin works as a freelance consultant, providing technology guidance and implementation to small and medium-size businesses, focusing primarily on innovation, web technology and digital strategy.


Robin has an MBA with a focus on business technology from the University of California, Irvine.

Robin Sandhu

The pace of innovation in the tech industry is incredibly fast, and only getting faster. Over the years, I've observed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the meaningful long-term innovations from the hype

I hope to use my experience to provide insights on the developments in new tech, and help you navigate this challenging space and make informed decisions about technology that will help your business and career.

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