How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages

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How to Clear Facebook Chat History

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Facebook

When seeking to clear your chat history on Facebook Messenger, you must make a decision between one of two actions: removing a specific message, or deleting the entire history of your conversations between you and another person on Facebook. You may want to delete just one message (or a few) out of your entire history. Or, you may want to clear your chat history to start a new conversation without the distraction of old text hovering above, or to hide the information from potentially prying eyes. In either case, we'll go over the procedure for both actions in this tutorial and show you what steps to take depending on whether you're working on a computer or a mobile device.

One warning in advance, however: deleting messages or clearing your history does not remove the message from other people's history. So if you've sent an embarrassing message to a friend, and delete that message from your chat history, your friend will still have a copy. The best bet is to never say anything via a message, or anywhere online, that you would not want a permanent record of. 

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Permanently Delete Facebook Chat History Using a Computer

Facebook Messenger
When using Facebook Messenger on your computer, there are two options for deleting messages. Facebook

How to Delete Facebook Messages and Chat History on a Computer

  1. Navigate to Facebook with your web browser.
  2. Click on the Messenger icon at the top right of the screen and then move your mouse to the bottom of the window that pops up and click "See All" in order to bring up the full-screen view of Messenger.
  3. Click on the "Actions" cogwheel icon at the top right of the screen which will result in a menu of options being displayed
  4. Choose "Delete Conversation" to delete the entire conversation with a given contact.
  5. If you'd prefer to delete one (or more) specific messages, select "Delete Messages." This will bring up an interface which will allow you to select specific messages to delete. Click the checkbox next to each message that you'd like to delete, and then click the "Delete" button.

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Permanently Delete Facebook Chat History on a Mobile Device

Facebook Messenger
You can delete an entire conversation or just specific messages from Facebook Messenger on mobile. Facebook

How to Delete Facebook Messages and Chat History on a Mobile Device

  1. Open Facebook Messenger by tapping the app on your mobile device.
  2. To delete an entire conversation, select the conversation that you'd like to delete and swipe to the left.
  3. Select and tap "Delete"
  4. To delete a particular message, tap into the conversation so that you can see all of the messages within it
  5. Tap "Delete

A permanent record is created anytime you publish anything online or send messages using any of the many chat applications that are available. Be careful what you post. 

If you do determine that you'd like to delete a particular message or chat history from Facebook Messenger, its good to know that you can easily do so.

​Updated by Christina Michelle Bailey, 7/21/16