How to Modify Text Size In Internet Explorer 8

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Open Your Internet Explorer Browser on Internet Explorer browser
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The size of the text displayed on webpages within your Internet Explorer 8 browser may be too small for you to clearly read. On the flip side of that coin, you may find that it is too large for your taste. IE8 gives you the ability to easily increase or decrease the font size of all text within a page.

First, open your Internet Explorer browser.

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The Page Menu

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Click on the Page menu, located towards the far right hand side of your browser's Tab Bar. When the drop-down menu appears, select the Text Size option.

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Change Text Size

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A sub-menu should now appear to the right of the Text Size option. The following choices are given in this sub-menu: Largest, Larger, Medium (default), Smaller, and Smallest. The choice that is currently active is notated with a black dot to the left of its name.

To modify the text size on the current page, select the appropriate choice. You will notice that the change takes place immediately.