14 Nerd Halloween Costumes Inspired by Memes

Check out these clever Halloween costume ideas inspired by internet culture

Looking to spice up your Halloween with a fun Halloween Internet meme costume this year? You need not look any further than your favorite social networking sites to find some great ideas for DIY costumes – that's where we got inspired!

If you’re looking for something a little more creative than the traditional pumpkin, pirate or fairy princess costume for Halloween, get some of your inspiration from modern day technology you use every day. 

Here are some great, geeky Halloween costumes all inspired by some of your favorite online trends, gadgets, memes, games and websites.​

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Instagram Costume

Instagram Costume
Photo from Instagram user @somebody_that_u_used_to_know

Why not be your own Instagram selfie for Halloween? It's an easy enough idea that will surely give everyone a few good chuckles. You can use a piece of cardboard to recreate a giant, physical version of an Instagram photo, cut out the middle, and hold it up in front of your face. Don't forget to add a ton of hashtags in the description!

Grumpy Cat
Photo from Instagram user @iheartallart

Cat costumes are usually pretty popular come Halloween, and Tard the Grumpy Cat is the perfect character you can use to step things up a little. She's arguably the most famous and beloved cat on the Internet right now. The hardest part about this costume is probably remembering not to smile. Grumpy Cat does not smile, ever. More »

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Emoji Costume

Emoji Costume
Photo from Instagram user @nishab_120

Let's face it – emoji is now basically a language of its own. Almost anyone who owns a smartphone can recognize them, and there are hundreds to choose from for Halloween costume inspiration. Like the Instagram costume, making your emoji costume is as easy as drawing it out on a large piece of cardboard and securing it to your clothing.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume
Photo from Instagram user @elizabethdaniellehogan

Coffee lovers have been welcoming Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte back annually with open arms for several years. The seasonal drink is a big deal on Instagram and social media in general. It even has its own Twitter account! There was enough social media chatter about the PSL this late summer and early fall to last us a lifetime. How about dressing up as one to keep the trend rolling? More »

Doge Costume
Photo from Instagram use @doge_is_life

The Doge meme is still hanging on strong, despite reaching the height of its meme popularity in 2013. Admit it, it's still a great meme. For a costume inspired by the mighty Doge, simply print out the face of a Shiba Inu with the meme's distinctive wording style, like "wow" and "such scary" (or just write them directly on an old piece of clothing if that's your thing). More »

Minecraft Costume
Photo from Instagram user @caseytess6974

Anyone with a knack for getting creative with making their own Halloween costumes can probably come up with a pretty great costume inspired by Minecraft – that awesome game about building things with blocks. All you really need are some cardboard boxes and some paint. What, really, could be easier? More »

Mozilla Firefox Costume
Photo from Instagram user @geeklil

What's your favorite web browser? If it's Firefox, then you've got an easy Halloween costume idea right there! Grab a pair of fox ears, a fox tail too, put on something orange and carry around an earth-like beach ball. It's quick, but creative, sexy (and geeky) costume. And if you've got friends in on the trend, why not get them to dress up as some of the other popular browsers? (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) More »

Snapchat Costume
Photo from Instagram use @leighbee1091

Put a spin on the classic ghost costume by adding a few features to it so it looks like the Snapchat ghost! Both spooky and geeky, all you need is a white sheet and some easy craft supplies you can pick up almost anywhere to create the iconic smiley face of the Snapchat ghost. More »

Hashtag Costume
Photo from Instagram use @ahernandez_boom

Again, if you've got a random piece of cardboard handy, you can create a trendy costume for almost anything – from social profiles and emoji to your favorite hashtags or just the hashtag symbol on its own. For a group hashtag costume idea, have a friend dress up as a trending keyword and stand next to them! #PartyAnimal More »

Facebook Costume
Photo from Instagram user @itscoledout

As one of the most popular internet-inspired costumes of all time, past Halloween parties at universities and colleges around the world usually, see at least one person dressed up as a Facebook profile at Halloween. Similar to a lot of other costumes on this list, most can be homemade with a large piece of cardboard, some blue paint or markers and a cutout square where the profile picture should be. It may be slightly overdone by this year, but it's still a lot of fun to look at it. More »

Angry Birds Costume
Photo from Instagram user @pammie_poo

You’ve probably spent hours on your mobile device launching virtual birds into virtual mid air so you can knock down some virtual blocks and kill some virtual green pigs. Now, you can dress up as your favorite Angry Bird for Halloween. Costumes are available for adults and babies for the red birds, the yellow birds, the black birds and even those pesky green pigs. More »

Old Spice Guy Costume
Photo from Instagram user @geeksushi

Who could forget that manly-scented hunk who graced our computer screens on YouTube a few years ago? The Old Spice Guy sparked the fastest growing viral campaign the Internet has ever seen. Why not charm the ladies by pretending to be him for one night? All you need is a white towel and a bottle of Old Spice body wash.  More »

Nyan Cat Costume
Photo from Instagram use @lyssadomasica

The Internet just can’t get enough cats. Cats seem to be the ultimate meme. The “Nyan Cat” was just a short YouTube video of an 8-bit animated cat that had a Pop-Tart as its body, with a rainbow coming out of its rear end. The animated cat flies through the air past several 8-bit stars to a ridiculous song that sings “Nyan, Nyan, Nyan” over and over again. Some people have gone so far as to dress their own cats up as the Nyan cat. More »

Apple Gadget Costume
Photo from Instagram use @hollytheriot

What better way to honor the life of Steve Jobs by dressing up as your favorite mobile device this Halloween? You can actually get really creative with a homemade costume if you’re willing to put in the work. All you really need is a large cardboard box or old black outfit. Decorate it any way you like by adding a few iOS icons. More »