Brandon De Hoyos

Brandon De Hoyos, Guide to IM for, has covered technology and society for the Sun Newspapers in Houston, Texas and was a former spokesperson for, one of the World Wide Web's first social networking sites.

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In addition to writing about IM and Internet technology for a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Teen People, Disney Adventures, The Sun Newspapers and other Houston Community Newspapers publications, Brandon De Hoyos regularly utilizes IM as a newsroom tool as the Morning Online Editor at News 92 FM, in Houston.

In 2000, he represented Bolt Media Company as a spokesperson, with interviews published by Business 2.0 magazine.

Brandon De Hoyos

I can still remember the moment I first signed on to AIM as a sixth grade student; the enthusiasm, the excitement, and the possibilities were endless, I thought. IM opened up a whole new window to the world and in as little as a year, I had amassed a wealth of new friends from around the globe. Today, I hope to help get more people connected, sharing and IM at a time.

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