The Best Christmas E-Cards and E-Card Sites 2017

Connect quickly and in high style this holiday season

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There is many a Christmas e-card in here, and many a good one on the web to be sent. StockUnlimited

Picture a silent street in the evening, covered thick and white. Can you hear the snow crunch under your feet? Picture a tree trimmed beautifully for Christmas. Can you hear the children laugh and play? Picture a hill, just perfect for sledding. Can you feel the anticipation mixed with sudden outbursts of amazement?

You can send all this, and more, with wintry and festive Christmas e-cards. Here are our favorite sites to compose and send them.

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Ojolie - Christmas E-Cards
Ojolie - Christmas E-Cards. Ojolie

Hand-painted and animated with incredible attention to details and nuances, the Ojolie Christmas card brings holiday spirit to every home by means of angel dust.

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Paperless Post

Paperless Post - Christmas Cards
Paperless Post - Christmas Cards. Paperless Post ®

Even a screen made for touching may not come close to a real paper card's feel to the hand and fingers; the Paperless Post's Christmas cards come very close, though, in classy appearance and feel to the heart—and brain. (Many Paperless Post Christmas cards are available for printing as well.)

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Katie's Cards

Katie's Cards Christmas Ecards
Katie's Cards Christmas Ecards.

Angelic, harmonious, idyllic and celebratory: Katie's Cards wonderful and lovingly crafted Christmas e-cards are all that and more (fun, energetic, surprising and heart-warming, for example).

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Punchbowl screenshot 2017

Mold-made paper and ink that you can feel? Punchbowl is almost as good — and the greetings travel the world in seconds. Christmas cards at Punchbowl resemble traditional paper greetings, come in many a beautiful fashion and let you pick the postage and rubber stamping, envelope lining, typography and, of course, words (or, in some cases, picture).

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Jacquie Lawson

Jacquie Lawson/screenshot

Chudleigh the chocolate Labrador introduces the picturesque scenery and beautiful people of Lurgashall in West Sussex, England, who wish a heartfelt and very classy "Happy Christmas" with amazing e-cards.

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American Greetings

American Greetings/screenshot

Whether you are looking for spiritual greeting cards, want to send one to a group or want to add your own photo; whether the card is for your love or your pet; whether you greetings should be in carols or a foreign language: has beautiful cards for all occasions.

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The cards at are designed—and most craftily designed—to serve as invitations for Christmas celebrations, but you can use them to send mere—and most beautiful—greetings.

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Verve Cards/screenshot

Colors, colors and Christmas: VerveCards delivers greetings unique in most glorious a manner with enthusiasm and wit. The cards are so gripping they don't need animations — or sending the recipient hunting for their card on a site for that matter.

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You can put yourself (or whatever picture you fancy) in many of the rich and lavish JibJab Christmas cards — but they're great fun even without such adornment.

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BeingSo Cards/screenshot

Take over the recipient's screen and browser—with benevolent greetings for a lively Christmas. Cards created at BeingSo are lively and animated in a manner that plays seamlessly (and without plug-ins or add-ons) on any computer, phone and tablet with a browser. For the extra kick, you can customize the Christmas cards with a portrait.

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Vlad Studio/screenshot

Ingenious digital artistry makes wonderful Christmas cards (and desktop wallpapers, too). These scenes are almost indescribable - take a look for yourself!

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Vintage Postcards

A sheer endless supply of wonderful and lovely vintage Christmas cards (including the notes people added when sending them) awaits you at

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Hallmark Greeting Cards

Hallmark's Christmas greeting cards capture the beauty of the season in its many forms. And its humor, too! From funny to heartfelt, Hallmark does what it does best in e-card form.

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Simple yet versatile: Plaxo has the appropriate picture e-card to wish everybody happy holidays. The company has an address book system that consolidates your contacts from various sources to help you get the holidays sorted out nicely.

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At Kisseo, you can send Christmas cards of varied styles, from religious to mere sweetness, though all seem kissed with the holiday's spirit. From nature settings to silly scenes, Kisseo likely has something for everyone on your list.

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GroupCard/InComm screenshot

Do more with your Christmas greetings; do more than pick a picturesque and lovely nice card; do more than add friendly words yourself with GroupCard: invite all your friends and colleagues to sign the card and even have it delivered as a real-world physical object.

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They're not all just for your fun, the Christmas cards at MyFunCards; you do send them, after all, to spread colorful and comic Christmas feelings. This site also has cards in Portugese.

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Christmas from every angle, seen and sent with email greetings, is always wonderful. There are humorous video e-cards and you can personalize several for your own holiday twist.

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Victorian Trading Co

Victorian Trading Co./screenshot

A good deal of sly humor shining through every other pixel notwithstanding, these Christmas cards more than a hundred years old are seriously wonderful. For a vintage upgrade from the usual, peek at these cards inspired by our ancestors.

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Few places can be better for finding wonderfully charming illustrations for Christmas greetings than children's books. At Usborne, you can send just such drawings as e-cards. You can also choose fonts and background colors to send cards uniquely you.

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A sheer countless number of great Christmas greeting cards waits for you at Some of them are animated or interactive even, all of them are neatly drawn. Take a look at the talking cards section - it's a fun twist on the typical e-card.

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ATM Greetings/screenshot

They come in many, rich colors and many, varied styles: the Christmas greetings you can send from also offer up whimsy and simplicity.

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Care2/wide screenshot

Tons of Christmas cards in various categories for the environmentally conscious sender. If you need or want to wish "Frohe Weihnachten!" or "Tomtedans!", too, take a look at the international cards. Some cards also benefit different charities.

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1001 Postcards

1001 Postcards/screenshot

The tales from 1001 postcards are tales of animation, of caroling, or fun, but also of holiness, and they are primarily tales of really great Christmas cards.

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Sweet and simple Christmas cards with all the charm and prowess of the original The lack of glitz and glamour in these cards is what makes them unique.

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Flashing into the snowy light that is Christmas, the holiday cards at are eager to deliver seasonal greetings. not only has many nice images and animations to choose from but also a small but interesting international section.

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Much more than one hundred years have seen many a marvelous Christmas greeting card drawn and sent; send some of them now, without any drawing, from as electronic Christmas greetings. The hand drawings in electronic form are unusual and classy.

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Cowrie Cards/screenshot

It's a small but special collection of Christmas cards you will find at CowrieCards. The company launched from a need for more colorful cards carrying the African American wit and wisdom that has been passed down for generations.

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Sloppy Kiss Cards

Sloppy Kiss/screenshot

Looking for canine-inspired cards? The dogs of Sloppy Kiss Cards shop for presents, decorate the tree and travel the world in lovely Christmas e-cards and for the dog lover's delight.

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At HiGreetings, you can have and send your Christmas cards with formal outfit, religious motives, animals, classic themes and much more. There are some fun Christmas light video e-cards but watch for advertising.