YouTube Playlist Tips

Create, Organize, Optimize and Share YouTube Playlists

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YouTube playlists are an easy, flexible way to group together your favorite videos. I use playlists to entertain my daugther, show off videos I've produced that are published on other people's channels, and share videos that are relevant to my clients. Playlists are easy to make and they can be optimized for search just like individual videos can be.

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Add Videos to a Playlist

Adding videos to a YouTube playlist is simple. Underneath every video is an Add to...dropdown menu. There are two standard playlists for all YouTube users - Favorites and Watch Later. You can also use this menu to add to one of these, create a new playlist, or add videos to a playlist you’ve already created.

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Organize Your YouTube Playlists

You can edit and manage playlists through the My Videos & Playlists section of your YouTube account. From here you can access all of your YouTube playlists to add or delete videos or change their order.

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Optimize YouTube Playlists for Search

You can add titles, tags and descriptions to your YouTube playlists, just as you can to individual videos. Adding this information will make it easier for people to find your playlists when they do a web search, and will make it more likely that YouTube recommends your playlist to people watching similar videos.

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Keep YouTube Playlists Private

You can set your YouTube playlists to public or private. Most playlists that I create are public, but I have a few private ones, such as a playlist of Elmo videos for my daugther that I don’t want associate with my public account!

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Share Your YouTube Playlists

Every YouTube playlist has its own URL and embed code, so it can be shared via email, social networks or blogs just like a standalone YouTube video. You can also display your playlists on your YouTube channel page, so they’re easy for visitors to find and watch.

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Curate Videos With a YouTube Playlist

YouTube playlists can contain any videos from the site - they don’t have to be videos that you uploaded. In my business, many videos I create for clients get uploaded to their YouTube channel, not to mine. But I share these videos on my YouTube page by putting them all together in a playlist.