What is isoHunt?

Search for torrent files on this popular torrent search page

Screenshot of the IsoHunt website

isoHunt is a torrent search site that was shut down as of October 2013 following a court settlement. However, with some redesign, the site is back up and running. There have been some changes, though, so be sure you understand what you're doing before you get started.

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isoHunt and Copyright Law

isoHunt doesn't directly host torrent files; instead, isoHunt helps users search for these files by "crawling" several different torrent sites. isoHunt returns links to sites where the torrent files could be found. This is a gray area in the law. 

isoHunt has had more than its share of legal troubles, including multiple prosecutions for copyright infringement. The site was also ruled against by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), alleging that it was an illegal shortcut to pirated movies, TV shows, and video games, which are trademarked by their respective organizations.

However, because isoHunt does not provide anything but links to these files, the search site is still in operation. Searching isoHunt for files using copyrighted phrases as keywords in search strings is perfectly legal; however, clicking on those links and using them to download copyrighted files is frowned upon as stated explicitly in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

What isoHunt Offers

The isoHunt homepage is quite streamlined. At the top of the page is the main file search query box that offered some sophisticated search options, including Boolean search. If you search for torrents on isoHunt, you are searching for links to torrent files found elsewhere on the web.

In order to download something with torrent, you must have a torrent file. This torrent file contains a location that informs the torrent client where to go to find the tracker, website, or search engine that manages the uploading and downloading of the torrent file(s). A good torrent client will manage this entire process for you seamlessly. The primary source of isoHunt's offerings includes links to torrent files.

isoHunt Search Options

isoHunt offers several features that made this torrent search engine easy to use and intuitive even for the beginner. These include:

  • Boolean operators: isoHunt allows searchers to use simple Boolean search operators (-, |, OR, etc.), wildcards (*, ?), and search with quotation marks.
  • Site stats: Users can view the latest torrent sites indexed by isoHunt, as well as how many torrents, trackers, seeds, and leechers currently being tracked via each site.
  • Tools and widgets: isoHunt offers several different widgets and toolbars, including a free browser toolbar, top searches, buttons, and Firefox plugins.
  • Community: One of the most attractive features of isoHunt is its extremely active member community. Forum topics ranged from news to debates to chats about the latest torrent technology.