Where to Watch Free Videos Online

Find the Best Videos on Any Topic

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Want to watch free videos online? YouTube offers a great variety of videos, but there are thousands of other websites where you can go to watch free videos. These include professionally produced online videos tailored to specific audiences, user-generated video clips, and web broadcasts of TV shows and movies.

  • Watch Free Educational Videos Online:

    You can watch free videos online from educational networks like PBS and National Geographic. Other websites, like the Annenberg Foundation, offer educational videos produced specifically for the web.

  • Watch Free Music Videos Online:

    Watch free music videos online from MTV and other Web sites that cater to specific musical tastes.

  • TMZ is the best place to watch celebrity videos online, offering TMI on Hollywood's hottest stars.

  • Watch Free Sports Videos Online:

    These Web sites let you watch free sports videos online, from the past and present about all kinds of sports - professional, college and extreme.

  • Inc.TV and PBS both offer online videos that teach about business and entrepreneurship.