"Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network" Errors

What to Do About Them

Road leading to the computer network
Road leading to the computer network. Getty Images/Hong Li

When searching on google.com, you might see the following message appear on the page in your browser: "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network." No, it doesn't mean that Google is monitoring all of the activity on your home network and Internet connection. Google shows this message to a user when it sees incoming requests to its Web site that it suspects could be caused either by an infected computer, or automated programs called "scrapers" designed to scavenge search results.

However, there isn't necessarily a cause for alarm, as in some cases you may be receiving this notification in error. Specifically, if your network connection is using a shared public IP address such as a public proxy server, Google may be triggering the message based on traffic from other people's devices rather than your own. It can also occur if you run too many (the exact number varies) manual searches from inside your network in too short of a time period (also varying).

Follow these recommendations when you see this error:

  • check your device for malware
  • temporarily turn off search scrapers like mozbar
  • hold off on making more manual Google searches for a few minutes

There is no long-term impact to your system or network from these errors.

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