The Coolest and Strangest Things to Plug In Your USB Port

These days, you can plug just about anything into a USB port. For example, a portable USB-powered iron was considered for the list, but ultimately left off. Here are 9 of the coolest and strangest things found out there. Most of them aren’t very practical, but they’re sure to liven up any office.

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Narwhal USB Heated Plush Slippers

Image owned by ThinkGeek

These are perfect for anyone who ever has this song stuck in his head, or anyone who just likes a good narwhal and has cold feet. Plug them into your computer to warm up; unplug them to walk around. Price: $24.99.   

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USB Brain Massage

Image owned by KlearGear

Filed under, “Who Thinks of these Things?”, this “head spa” doesn’t technically massage your brain (please leave your brain alone). Instead, it stimulates nerve endings via eight levels of vibrations, according to the company. The size can be adjusted for both pea-sized and melon heads. Price: $39.99.

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USB Squirming Tentacle

Image owned by ThinkGeek

“OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT THING?!” is pretty much what you’re guaranteed to hear from anyone who comes into your office. This tentacle doesn’t actually serve any other purpose than to wiggle and freak out people — it doesn’t have any built-in storage to act as a flash drive, for example — but buying several and plugging them all into a USB hub is more than enough purpose for a PC peripheral.    

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USB Mini Fridge and Heater

Image owned by USBGeek

This 7.7-inch-tall mini fridge will not only cool down a can of soda to 54 degrees, but you can also use it warm up a coffee to 116 degrees. Of course, one can only imagine how much power this draws from your computer. Price: $27.

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Robo Bladeless Fan

Image owned by Staples

Rather than fan blades, this 5-inch-tall little guy uses an airfoil-shaped ramp that’s said to be quieter, more eco-friendly and safer (no more chopped fingers!) than a traditional fan. Plus, he’s adorable. Price: $11.79.  

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USB Fishquarium

Image owned by ThinkGeek

This all-in-one USB-powered fish tank features a low-voltage pump, so it’s really only meant for low-maintenance fish like betas or goldfish. But wait — there’s more!  It also has a built-in clock, calendar, temperature sensor, light, pen holder and white-noise machine. It even comes with gravel and a plastic plant for your future cube friends. The entire thing measures about 9.4 inches by 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches, with a tank size of 5.7 inches by 3.5 inches by 4.7 inches. Price: #39.99.

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USB Chess Game

Image owned by USBGeek

This chess board lets you play with a friend or the computer and record your moves as screen shots or data files, which can be saved and emailed. There are three learning levels, and games can be paused for later play. The chess board can even be rolled up for portability.

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USB MP3 Sunglasses

Image owned by USBGeek

Take note wannabe MacGyvers, these glasses come built-in, flip-up ear buds and flip-up lenses. USBGeek says the battery life is up to six hours, so that’s plenty of time to walk around looking you just stepped out of a bad movie. With on-device controls, these might actually be a decent option for runners, provided they’ll stay on your head.