5 Apps Like Snapchat With Face-Tracking Filters

Get creative with your selfies by applying animated effects

Snapchat Filter
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Plain old selfies are so last year. These days, people can't get enough of those fun filters on Snapchat, which utilize face-tracking technology to animate your face in real time with different looks so you can share them instantly with all your friends via chat, Stories or by simply saving them to your device so you can upload them to other social networks. It's the big, new trend in selfie-taking.

Ever since Snapchat introduced filters (or lenses, as they're officially called) and the world has been quick them, similar apps have slowly started popping up to ride along with the trend. They offer selfie enthusiasts a wide variety of fun looks that extend beyond the handful of filters Snapchat makes available on a daily basis.

Ready to have some serious fun with warping and animating your own face? Check out the list of fun selfie filter apps below to snap a creative selfie in seconds and wow all your friends on social media.

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Screenshot of MSQRD for iOS

Besides Snapchat, Masquerade a.k.a. MSQRD is the other popular selfie filter app that does an amazing job at animating users' faces in all sorts of whimsical ways. You can use it to create both photos and videos with an option to broadcast it live to all your friends on Facebook.

MSQRD was acquired by Facebook, likely so the social networking giant could take advantage of its imaging technology to introduce filter on Instagram's Stories feature. For now, however, MSQRD is still available to download, but don't necessarily count on it being updated regularly now that it exists to serve Instagram.


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Screenshot of SNOW for iOS

This Korean app is nearly a complete clone of Snapchat with a much larger emphasis on the crazy filter effects. Some of the filters are eerily similar to some of the popular ones we've seen on Snapchat while others are just downright ridiculous.

Besides the super wide variety of filters and stickers you can choose from, SNOW actually functions just like a chat app too, with 48-hour stories and a GIF feature as bonus features. Like Snapchat, SNOW even notifies you if anyone decides to take a screenshot.


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Screenshot of BOO! for iOS

BOO! is another app worth checking out if you simply can't get enough filter effect fun. Snap your selfie or film a video and broadcast it live to your friends by integrating it with other apps.

Similar to Snapchat, BOO! allows you to add captions or draw doodles right on your photos and videos. By participating in daily challenges as part of the BOO! community, you'll get access to limited filters for even more endless selfie-taking fun.


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Photo © PinGuo Inc.

Just like SNOW mentioned above, Camera360 is shaping up to be another wildly popular facial recognition filter app coming to us from Korea. There are over 100 different filters to choose from and play around with to get your selfies and videos looking just right.

Amazingly, quite unlike many of the other apps mentioned on this list (including Snapchat), Camera360 actually allows its users to go nuts on their selfies by combining their crazy looking filtered selfies with editing effects for smoothing out imperfections and enhancing other parts. If you love the whimsical look of Korean animation, you'll love this app.


Face Swap Live
Photo Photo © Laan Labs

Before Snapchat introduced its face swap filter, there was Face Swap Live — a simple app that allows you to switch faces with another friend in real-time as you record a video or snap a photo. You can also select a photo from your device and swap your face with the person in that photo instead (which Snapchat also eventually introduced in its filter offering).

This version of Face Swap Live is the Lite version, but there are in-app purchases you can make to upgrade to get unlimited video and more features. If all you're looking for is a fun app to use for swapping faces, this one may be your best bet.