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Robert Silva - Bio Photo. Rboert Silva

Beginning in 1998, Robert covered the general subject of Home Electronics. From 2000 to 2015 he focused on the topic of Home Theater, writing product reviews, buying guides, and important reference articles.

Robert has also written for (via Clearvoice), and made appearances on the AVrant and Home Theater Geeks podcasts.

Now, Robert is carrying on the tradition of bringing the excitement of the home theater experience as a part of Lifewire, providing important home theater setup tips and tricks, as well as continuing coverage of technology trends and products.


Robert Silva is an avid home theater enthusiast, with a lifelong interest in the subject, beginning as an electronics major in high school, then as a fervent electronics and audiophile hobbyist throughout his life.

Robert has had extensive experience in electronics and home theater component sales with several major consumer electronics retailers, including past stints at Circuit City, Incredible Universe, Fry's, and Best Buy, as well as past experience working in video production/editing, and in digital film restoration and colorization.

Robert has focused on the topic of Home Theater, covering important home theater related news and events, such as the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association EXPO (CEDIA), as well as writing product reviews, buying guides, and how-to articles that cover home theater basics for his growing readership.


Robert Silva is a graduate of San Diego State University, with a degree in Psychology, which you wouldn't think would relate to home theater, but combining interpersonal and networking skills with continuing work in consumer electronics resulted in a successful career in studio production work, consumer electronics retail sales, and, as a reporter on home theater products and trends.

Robert Silva

Things that have influenced my home theater pursuits include: Widescreen cinematography, surround sound, my past experience doing historical film research, and supervising 2D computer animation projects for a digital film company.

I have always been fascinated by Film, TV, stereo, computers, and other gadgets. I remember our first family TV in 1953, a B&W Admiral. In high school, I enrolled in the electronics program, which led to my experience in video production and editing, film research, computer animation production, consumer electronics retailing, and audiophile pursuits. These interests have resulted in my involvement with home theater, both as a hobbyist since the days of the Laserdisc in the mid-70's and as a reporter on the subject since 2000.

My goal is to share the excitement of the home theater experience by empowering consumers with informative news, product reviews, and easy-to-understand resource articles.

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What is home theater anyway? Whether you are confused by home theater terminology, have questions on purchasing components, setting them up, or just need some clarification on an article or review I have written, send me an email at and I will be glad to help or refer you to the proper resources.

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