How to Remove the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Back Cover

Removing the Back Cover to Replace the Battery, SIM and MicroSD

Samsung Launches It's New Galaxy Note 4 Phone
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Thanks to a Quad HD Super AMOLED screen with a unique tapered edge, Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge certainly is a beautiful phone, but there’s a bit more good news for fans of Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones.

Like many of the smartphones in the Galaxy family, the Note Edge also allows you to easily swap its battery, microSD card or even its SIM card, unlike some of its other competitors, like the iPhone. That’s great news for power users who use their phones a lot, travel to other countries with it or consume a ton of media.

So how do you go about doing these tasks? Let’s break down the process with a quick tutorial (complete with visuals), starting with removing the rear cover.

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Remove the Rear Cover

Removing the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is as easy as one-two-three. Jason Hidalgo

Samsung usually gets some grief for the cheap feel of its back covers. On the plus side, though, it makes removing said covers pretty easy. First, you will need to find the little notch that’s typically featured on the back covers of Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S5, for example. In the case of the Note Edge, the notch can be found on the top edge, (no pun intended) of the smartphone just below the power button. Simply insert your nail in there for leverage and then pull back. You also may feel free to use two hands as it makes the process easier. Voila, the cover should now start coming off. Once it’s off, you now have access to the exposed back, including the battery, microSD, and SIM card.

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Replace the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Battery

A look at the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge's battery. Jason Hidalgo

See that long rectangular thing that takes up the bulk of the Note Edge’s back? That would be the battery for the smartphone. Prior to taking it out, it’s probably a good idea to turn off your phone first. Once you’re ready, you’ll see a recess on the bottom part of the battery slot. Just insert your nail in there and pull out. To put a new battery in, just reverse the process and align the top of the battery into the slot first then push down. That’s pretty much it. Knowing how to take out the battery is also a useful trick in case you need to reboot your phone if it freezes for some reason.

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Replace the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SIM card

See the small white card? That's the SIM card for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Jason Hidalgo

See that white card underneath the metal holder? That would be the SIM card. If you’re still unsure, the slot has the telltale words “SIM” inscribed below it. To take out the Galaxy Note Edge SIM card, just press your nail against the left edge and push it toward the right. To make the process go smoother, take out the battery first as shown in the previous tutorial. 

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Insert a Memory Card into the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

See that slot on the left of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge camera? That's where the microSD memory card goes. Jason Hidalgo

Wondering where the heck the Note Edge’s memory card slot is? It’s actually behind the back cover, too. More specifically, it’s just to the left of the camera, in the slot with the words “microSD” inscribed on it. You’ll also notice a logo depicting a memory card on the left of those words. Take note of it (another pun!) as that is the way you’ll want to insert the card into the slot.

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Replace the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Back Cover

Make sure you don't have any openings like this when putting back the rear cover of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Jason Hidalgo

Once you’re all done with replacing the battery, SIM and memory card, it’s time to replace the Galaxy Note Edge back cover. Just align the back cover with the edges and start pressing down. You will hear several audible clicks as the cover snaps back into place. Make sure to use your eyes as well. Check that there are no openings like shown in the image above to ensure you have a clean seal.