Really Cool Websites to Always Have Bookmarked

These websites are fun, informative and just plain useful!

So you've got a question that Google can't answer, an interest that leaves you stumped on where to find out more, or a hankering for some good old-fashioned entertainment. The internet is a treasure trove of digital gold, but knowing this doesn't do you any good if you don't know what's hiding in there.

Behold, 10 websites that might just be along the lines of what you were looking for. And if not, well, at least you'll have them (bookmarked hopefully) for future reference!

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lifehacker on laptop
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A great blog for anyone looking to streamline their life, Lifehacker provides tricks and tips for getting stuff done. Whether you need tips to help with time management or a shortcut to completing a certain task, Lifehacker is a great site that can help you solve almost any problem.

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Reddit Alien
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Reddit is a social news site. Simply subscribe to threads based on topics of interest (or even your geographical location) to see the best user-submitted topics rise to the top. You can contribute links to the community as well, plus choose to get involved with the discussions if you want.

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Screenshot of the SoundCloud website.

If you're looking for some free music to stream while you do whatever you need to do, there's SoundCloud. This is a social music network where artists and producers of all types (amateur to professional) upload their musical creations for anyone to listen to for free. Build playlists, tune into stations and follow your favorite artists.

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Product Hunt

A screenshot of the ProductHunt website.

Want to be the first to know about the best new products and services that launch? Product Hunt is sort of like Reddit for entrepreneurs and creative people who want to promote their new tech products/services, books, games or podcasts. Like Reddit, you can get involved in the voting and discussions as well.

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A screenshot of the Vimeo website.

So, everyone knows that YouTube is the king of internet video, but Vimeo holds a special place in viewers' hearts — particularly for their beautiful full-length films, animated shorts, amazing documentaries and more. Vimeo is where cinematography really comes to life. If you want to watch something that will blow you away, start using Vimeo.

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Screenshot of the Quora website.

Yahoo Answers has been the general go-to site to crowdsource answers to questions, but they're not always terribly useful, informative or even correct. Quora, on the other hand, has a much higher quality community of members with knowledge and expertise in every topic under the sun. Search for questions, create your own or offer your answers to others.

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Rotten Tomatoes

A screenshot of the Rotten Tomatoes website.

Rotten Tomatoes is the place to go for everything movies and TV. It's particularly helpful in gauging whether something is worth watching, thanks to the reviews this site offers. In addition to that, you can also watch trailers, see what's hot right now, catch up on movie/TV news and more. It's basically a couch potato's dream come true.

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Screenshot of the IFTTT website.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a web tool that allows you to connect the apps and internet services you use so that when you manually create an action on one app/service, it automatically generates an action on a corresponding app/service that you set up. It basically helps you cut down on manual tasks by automating them. Super useful if you use a lot of online tools.

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Screenshot of the Medium website.

Medium is a blogging/publishing website where lots of talented writers go to share their stories and to educate others willing to read their stuff. You can find everything there from opinion pieces and personal development hacks, to marketing advice and health tips. If you love to read really great stuff, get on Medium and start browsing your interests.

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Screenshot of the IMDb website.

Here's another for the movie and TV-loving couch potatoes. Or at least for those who can never remember actors' names. Similar to Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb is a popular source for entertainment news and information. One of the big advantages of having this site bookmarked is access all the celeb content. This is where you go to find out more about a particular celebrity.