Where to Edit Videos Online

Use a Website to Edit Videos Instead of Downloading Software

Websites that feature online video editing capabilities are not as feature-rich as editing software that you install on your computer but they do make it possible for you to do simple edits right there on the web page.

In most cases, the way these services is work is that you upload your video clips to the website, perform the editing tasks and then download the completed video in either the format you uploaded it in or some other format supported by the service.

If the website supports a video file format that yours isn't in, or if you want to convert the completed video to a different video format, you can use a free video file converter.

Note: The video editing websites listed here are either free or available for an extremely low cost. They're ordered with the free ones at the top.

YouTube Video Editor lets you easily edit videos that you've uploaded to YouTube. Given the popularity of YouTube and the vast number of videos uploaded to the site, it's no surprise that YouTube added editing capabilities to its site.

With YouTube Video Editor, you can:

  • Trim clips to a different length
  • Combine multiple audio, photos and video clips to create a new video
  • Customize your clips with special tools and effects
  • Adjust the volume details like the loudness, bass and treble
  • Add a text overlay on a clip
  • Make your clip play in slow motion 
  • Rotate the video
  • Pan and zoom 
  • Stabilize the video
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast
  • Add music to your videos from YouTube's approved tracks

Cost: Free; there is no charge to use YouTube's Video Editor. More »

Video Toolbox is a free online video editor that can work with videos up to 600 MB in size. This online video editor goes beyond basic editing to address sophisticated tasks such as conversions and cropping.

Here are some other features you'll find in Video Toolbox:

  • Converts videos between popular file formats like MP4, MOV and MKV
  • You can include a text watermark over your video
  • Videos can be cut at start and end times of your choosing
  • Multiple videos can be merged together
  • Supports demux so you can extract audio, video or subtitle text from a file
  • Can record video from your webcam
  • Can download flash video files from several video streaming websites 

Cost: Free More »

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WeVideo is an easy-to-use cloud-based video editor.  The site pairs advanced video editing features with a simple interface so you don't need to be a pro to create great movies. You control everything in your video including motion effects, scene transitions and green screen. 

Sophisticated features include still photo animation, clip transformation and voice over. You can add custom branding and free music tracks from WeVideo's library of copyright-free music.

You upload your photos, videos and audio to the cloud and then you can access them whenever you need them and wherever you are. When you are finished editing your video, you can download it or leave it on the cloud so you can post it to networks like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also use WeVideo to embed videos on your website.

Cost: WeVideo offers a few plans that cost only a few dollars a month. A free option is available too, which lets you store up to 1 GB of video and work with video files up to 480p resolution. More »