Mark Kyrnin

Mark Kyrnin is a computer and networking specialist working in the computer field since 1994. He has been a computer hobbyist since the introduction of the Apple IIe. He built his first IBM compatible computer from parts in 1990.

You can also read more about Mark's current and past work on his Google Profile, Facebook or check out his book Tech For Anyone: Build Your Own Desktop PC.


Mark has been building personal computers from parts since his high school graduation back in 1990. His first system was an IBM compatible 286 processor with 4 megabytes of RAM, a 5 1/4" floppy drive, VGA Card and 16-color grayscale VGA monitor.


Mark graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He has obtained the CompTIA A+ and Network+, Microsoft MCP, and Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching certifications.

Mark Kyrnin

Personal computers are a large portion of our everyday lives now. With technology rapidly changing and the shift to mobile computing devices, it is important to be familiar with today's computer environment to stay up to date in this fast changing world of technology.

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