Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 keyboard shortcuts
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Below is a list of popular keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows operating systems.

  • SHIFT+F10: Display the shortcut menu for a selected link.
  • CTRL+F: Find keyword(s) on the active page.
  • ALT+HOME: Load your home page.
  • CTRL+D: Add the active page to your Favorites 
  • CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE: Open the Delete Browsing History interface.
  • CTRL+H: Display your browsing history.
  • F1: Open the IE11 Help interface.
  • CTRL+T: Open a new tab.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+P: Launch a new window in InPrivate Browsing mode.
  • F5: Refresh the active page.
  • CTRL+P: Print the active page.
  • CTRL+DOWN ARROW: Expands the address bar to display favorites, history and more.
  • CTRL+J: Open the Downloads window.
  • CTRL+E: Initiates a search query in IE's address bar.
  • CTRL+A: Automatically selects all items on the active page.
  • CTRL+W: Close the active tab.
  • CTRL+F4: Close all background tabs.
  • CTRL+K: Create a duplicate of the active tab.
  • CTRL+TAB: Switch between open tabs.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+T: Recover the most recently closed tab.
  • CTRL+J: Open the Downloads window.
  • ALT+V: Open the View menu.
  • ALT+T: Open the Tools menu.
  • ALT+H: Open the Help menu.
  • ALT+A: Open the Favorites menu.
  • ALT+E: Open the Edit menu.
  • ALT+F: Open the File menu.
  • ALT+N: Shifts active focus to the Notification bar.
  • ALT+Z: Launches the Add to Favorites interface.
  • CTRL+B: Launches the Organize Favorites interface.
  • CTRL+G: Displays your saved feeds.
  • CTRL+O: Open a new document within IE11.
  • F11: Toggle full-screen mode on and off.
  • CTRL+S: Save the active page to your hard drive. 
  • CTRL+SHIFT+L: Initiates a search using the most recent text copied to the clipboard.
  • CTRL+9: Move focus to the last tab opened in sequence.
  • F7: Activate Caret Browsing mode.
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