Take the Hassles Out of Streaming Television With These Devices

Internet TV Devices for Watching Streaming Video on the Big Screen

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Streaming internet TV is the way to watch these days. Nearly every show and movie you want to see is streaming online, often for free and on a flexible schedule. You may have watched internet streaming TV on a computer or tablet, but the experience is vastly improved on a big-screen TV.

Streaming TV devices connect your big screen TV to the web for access to all the streaming video content available online—from Netflix and Hulu to Apple and YouTube. Just about every TV network has also jumped on the streaming video bandwagon.

Roku was the original streaming device for watching Netflix instantly on your TV. Netflix has branched out to other devices, and Roku has branched out to different streaming sites. Its​ newest unit, the Roku Ultra, supports 4K and HDR picture quality. The Ultra has a user-friendly menu and responds to voice requests. With a Roku streaming device, you can watch any available premium ​​internet TV channel.​​

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The polished interface of Apple TV 4K rivals that of the Roku Ultra, but unless you are tied into the Apple universe, you won't be able to get the maximum benefit from the Apple TV. With it, you can rent or buy movies and shows from the iTunes, play a huge selection of apps, and watch YouTube, Netflix, network channels, and many other streaming video sites. More »

This next generation of the Fire Stick offers streaming TV from hundreds of streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube, Amazon Video, NBC, WatchESPN, and Disney. An Amazon Prime membership unlocks thousands of movies and TV shows including Thursday Night Football and Amazon channels and original series. Use the included Alexa Voice Remote to control and search content.

TiVo is the original DVR, but the device has expanded its include streaming TV in 4K UHD with voice control. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and a wide selection of other TV channels in 4K/Ultra High-Resolution detail and clarity. A TiVo subscription is required. 

Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Microsoft's Xbox, and Sony PlayStation consoles all offer streaming internet TV capabilities. These web-enabled consoles let you watch streaming TV on the big screen, where you can access the internet to watch a variety of video channels, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. Plus, you get all the advantages of the gaming system.

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