How to Add Songs to the Spotify Music Player

Configure Spotify to play all the songs on your computer

Spotify Add Local Files Option
Mark Harris

When you install the Spotify app on your desktop computer, the program (by default) also searches for locally stored music on your hard drive. Common places that it searches include iTunes library, Windows Media Player library, My Music, etc.

But, what if you've got a collection of MP3s spread across several folders on your hard drive or even external storage that it doesn't look for? The Spotify app obviously won't know about these and so you'll have to tell it where to look if you want to include all your music collection.

Built into the Spotify app is an option to add specific folders on your PC or Mac to the list of sources that the program will automatically monitor. Once you have added all these locations on your Mac or PC, you'll then be able to play your entire collection using the Spotify player.

Telling Spotify Where Your Music is Located

Not all audio formats are supported by the Spotify app, but you can currently add files that are in the following formats:

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • M4P
  • M4A (need QuickTime to be installed on your machine)

To start adding locations for the Spotify app to search, log into your Spotify account via the desktop app and follow the steps below.

  1. For Windows: click on the Edit menu tab and then choose Preferences. (For Mac: click Spotify and then select Preferences).
  2. Locate the section called Local Files (scroll down if you can't see it).
  3. Click on the Add Source button.
  4. Using the Browser, navigate to the folder containing your music files. To add the folder to Spotify's local folders list, highlight it using the mouse button and then click on OK.

    You should now see that the location on your hard drive is added to the list. To add more, just repeat the process by clicking the Add Source button. If you want to remove folders that have been added to Spotify's list, simply uncheck each one to see them disappear.