Giving Apple Music as a Gift Is a Perfect Present for a Music Lover

The iPhone and iPad owners on your list will thank you

Apple Music Gift Cards
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When you give iTunes credit to people on your gift list, they use it to buy music, audiobooks, apps, and other digital media on the iTunes Store or App Store. This form of credit usage is an easy pay-per-click process. The credit you give them stays in their accounts almost indefinitely until it has all been used for specific items.

About the Apple Music Service

Apple Music is a different beast. It operates on a monthly subscription model similar to other premium streaming music services.

So, whether you listen to just one album a month or hundreds, you must pay a fixed monthly fee to access its features. With this in mind, you might assume that an iTunes gift card can't be used, but it can.

If you've ever purchased iTunes gift cards or sent iTunes gift certificates in the past, then you already know how to send Apple credit to someone. This credit can be used for an Apple Music subscription if the amount is sufficient.

However, if this is a one-time gift, buying a three-month or 12-month Apple Music membership card—both of which are available from Apple—is the better way to go. 

How to Buy an Apple Music Membership

Apple Music has more than 40 million songs, curated radio stations, and playlists. Any person on your gift list with an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac would be happy to receive a subscription. The gift is intended to be used toward an Apple Music individual membership, but it can also be redeemed on iTunes, iBooks, the App Store, or the Mac App Store.

To give the gift of Apple Music:

  1. Go to the Apple Music gift card webpage.
  2. Click on either the three-month membership icon or the 12-month membership icon. Note that the 12-month membership provides 12 months of music for the price of 10 months.
  3. Enter the recipient's name and email address in the fields provided.
  1. Enter your name and email address in the Sender fields.
  2. Add an optional message.
  3. If you have an Apple ID, the charge for the purchase is applied to your account.
  4. If you don't have an Apple ID, enter the payment information in the fields that are provided.

Apple sends an email with your gift and an electronic representation of the Apple Music membership card.

Any recipient who already has as Apple Music membership can apply the card to the music service to extend the membership or use it for other iTunes, iBooks, and app purchases. 

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