Eric Qualls

Eric Qualls has been covering the Xbox line of consoles since August 2004 and has over 14 years of professional experience covering the video game industry.


In addition to his work here, Eric has been an editor at gaming website and has also done freelance work for the Ziff-Davis magazine GMR. In addition to his professional experience, Eric has also contributed work to various fansites including and

You can also find Eric on YouTube at where he posts gaming videos, unboxings, and other silly nonsense about games both old and new.

Eric Qualls

I have been playing video games for more than twenty years, and writing about them as a hobby and then as a job for about half that time. And even after all of the work and hundreds upon hundreds of games I have played, I am still a huge fan of video games. I still get excited about new releases, and my goal is to try and get everyone else just as excited as I am about the Xbox 360, Xbox One and video games in general.

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