How to Enable the My Computer Icon on the Windows 7 Desktop

Return the My Computer Shortcut to Its Rightful Place

My Computer Icon Settings

If you are a Windows user who upgraded to Windows 7, you probably noticed that several icons are missing from the Desktop. This is especially true if you upgraded from an older version of Windows like XP.

Where's the My Computer Icon?

One of the icons you probably miss most is the enduring My Computer icon and shortcut that adorned the Windows desktop for many years.

A Brief History of the My Computer Icon

Beginning with Windows  XP, Microsoft added a link to My Computer in the Start Menu, which resulted in two shortcuts to My Computer, one from the Desktop and the other from the Start Menu.

In order to declutter the desktop, Microsoft opted to remove the My Computer icon from the Desktop starting with Microsoft Vista. In Vista, Microsoft also dropped the "My" from "My Computer" so that the shortcut to My Computer became Computer.

The shortcut is tucked away in the Windows 7 Start Menu, but you can bring it back in the open on your Desktop.

How to Show the Computer Icon on the Desktop in Windows 7

  1. Right-click the Desktop and then click Personalize from the menu that appears.
  2. When the Personalization Control Panel window appears, click the Change desktop icons link to open the Desktop Icon Settings dialog box.
  3. The Desktop Icon Settings dialog box has only one tab—​Desktop Icons. Click it.
  4. View the list of icons that are available for the Desktop. Most if not all of the icons should be unchecked, meaning that they are not displayed on the Windows Desktop. Place a check next to the Computer icon so it appears on the Desktop.
  1. Click OK to save the changes and close the dialog box.

Note: If you find other icons on the list that you would like to see on the Desktop, check them too.

When you return to the Windows 7 Desktop you will find the handy Computer icon in its place.

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