Emily Price

Emily has been writing about tech for the web for over a decade. An early adopter, she's naturally inquisitive about all aspects of consumer tech from the gadgets that are making our homes smarter to how video games are becoming more social. More importantly, how all those apps and gadgets are going to make our lives better.


Emily's work has appeared in countless publications including PC World, Reuters and the The Wall Street Journal. 

She reviewed cameras and camcorders as they made the move from film to digital, took some of the first “Web 2.0” companies' services for a test drive and camped out overnight with the crowd for the first iPhone.

Throughout her career thus far she's had the opportunity to interview hundreds of CEOs, attend thousands of product launches and review everything from the newest cell phones to the apps that make them shine. 

She was in the beta of Twitter, one of the first few to get Google Glass and was sitting in the front row in London when the first Windows Phone devices were finally unveiled to the world. She's excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to About and the Apple Watch.

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