Elise Moreau

Elise is a professional blog writer, copywriter and editor for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to take their online presence to the next level. Ever since Facebook really blew up in the mid 2000s, she’s become increasingly fascinated by the latest new trends on the web that get people talking, get businesses making money and keep everyone’s eyes glued to their screens for hours and hours every day. In fact, all the distraction of the web played an important role in the development of her productivity-focused list of 28 Daily Must-Do Rules for Getting Sh*t Done and Becoming a Better Person.


Beginning her work with virtual currency project Carrot.org during her last year university, Elise progressed to working for a small web hosting company. It was then when she started teaching herself everything she could learn about WordPress development and Internet marketing. 

She started a personal blog as a hobby, writing content mainly focused on the stuff she learned and applied in online business, web design, web publishing, marketing, social media, and the odd crazy Internet thing that went viral–eventually leading her to develop a small community of engaged readers and inspiring her to take her web savvy interests to a more professional level. As an added component to her blogging hobby, staying on top of trends like the latest tech startup news and the coolest new app to download and the funniest viral videos or memes became a bit of an unexpected obsession, to say the least.

Elise went on to provide social media consulting services to small businesses, build and maintain all sorts of different websites, and write for both business clients and popular news media hubs across the web. One of her truest passions is writing about productivity and self-improvement based on the current technology and web tools we now have access to in the digital age.


Elise attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where she obtained a bachelor of commerce degree in business and information technology. She also has a post-graduate diploma in small business entrepreneurship from George Brown College.

Elise Moreau

"Yes, I am an adult who loves Snapchat and Tumblr and ridiculous memes just as much as the average Internet-obsessed teenager. And sure, I also kind of loathe the way some of these big Internet trends tend to turn so many of us into zombies by wasting hours of our precious time, but I also love how much joy, entertainment and education they bring us too. When used right, most of these tools and trends have the potential to really improve our lives beyond what we ever thought could be possible just a few years ago."

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