The 8 Best Xbox One Sports Games to Buy in 2018

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Some people are the outdoorsy type, while some people enjoy hanging inside playing virtual sports instead. But it can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which game to play. So let us help you choose which ones to tackle with the following list of eight of the best titles on the market for the Xbox One (from baseball, to basketball, and even hockey).

Our Top Picks

Best Football Game: Madden NFL '18

Madden NFL is the only American football game on the market these days, but don’t think the series has gone soft due to the lack of competition. Madden NFL '18 is one of the most fully-featured football games ever with multiple career and GM modes, both online and offline, along with the ever-popular collectible-card-game-style Ultimate Team and a brand new Draft Champions mode where you can build a team from scratch. The gameplay out on the field leans a little more towards simulation than arcade, so it is slower and less forgiving defensively than past football titles, but is all the more satisfying to play because of that. The more realistic gameplay style does slightly hurt the game’s pick up and play appeal for local multiplayer with friends, but it doesn’t take too long to learn. One area where Madden NFL 18 doesn’t miss a beat is in the presentation, however, as it is easily the best-looking football game ever.

Best Soccer Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

The best soccer game debate on Xbox One comes down to two choices: Do you want the game that plays the best, or do you want the game with the most real teams and players? For us, we want the game that plays the best, which means Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the clear winner. Pro Evo 2017 just feels great to play. Movement is smooth and fluid and you aren’t locked into animations like some sports games. Long through passes and centering volleys actually connect more often than not because your CPU teammates make intelligent runs and are usually where you expect them to be, which leads to some truly impressive highlight reel-style goals. Pro Evo 2017’s only real fault is a lack of real world licenses, but the near-perfect gameplay should more than make up for that among die-hard soccer fans.

Best Hockey Game: NHL '18

Not only does NHL '18 have tons of multiple gameplay modes like career, GM, online games and leagues, but the amazing presentation makes it look and sound just like a TV broadcast. It offers multiple difficulty settings, rule and gameplay options, and A.I. behavior adjustments so that players of any skill level can hit the ice and have a ton of fun whether they want a fast-paced arcade-style game or a more realistic simulation.

Best Golf Game: The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition

The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition for Xbox One brings the realism of golfing and lush green golf courses to give an immersive experience. The game encourages content creation where players can design and create courses that can be shared and played by other players.

With a design on physics and practical approaches, The Golf Club is built with a shot modification system that allows players to incorporate calculated swings using a multitude of different golf clubs. The game isn’t restrictive on its open course play either, giving players the freedom of slicing, hooking and shanking their way for drives toward any hole. Multiplayer tournaments with friends and foes online are accessible and there is virtually zero loading time in between holes, so you can finish up with a tidy face-paced round at any time.

Best Basketball Game: NBA 2K18

The NBA 2K series has been king of the basketball world for a long time now, so it is no surprise that NBA 2K18 is easily the best basketball game on Xbox One. It plays incredibly well and has intuitive controls that let you jump in and have fun right away, of course, but it also offers a wealth of options and A.I. sliders to let you fine tune the game to play however you want to. Whether you’re a basketball purist and want a realistic simulation or an NBA Jam-style arcade shootout, NBA 2K17 can do it all and more. We’re also big fans of the addition of classic NBA teams and players so you can play with the greatest teams ever, past and present. NBA 2K18 also has the distinction of being one of the best-looking sports games ever with some of the most realistic player models on Xbox One.

Best Wrestling Game: WWE 2K18

For pro wrestling fans, characters and matches of the past are almost more important than what is happening currently – especially when the current product is so stale and boring – which is why 2K and developer Yuke’s made a great decision when they gave WWE 2K18 the biggest roster in franchise history. With more than 120 wrestlers on disc (with more as DLC) ranging from the current roster all the way back to the larger than life superstars of the '80s, '90s and Attitude Era. And if your favorite character was somehow omitted, the game has a fantastic suite of creation tools to let you make anyone else you want. The gameplay does have a learning curve for things like submissions and kicking out of pinfalls, but once you get used to it you can have a ton of fun in the wrestling sandbox WWE 2K18 offers.

Best Rally Racing Game: DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally
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There is little question that the best rally racing game on Xbox One, and maybe ever, is DiRT Rally. With gorgeous and stunningly realistic graphics, great engine sound effects, and a fantastic lineup of real rally cars, it is one of the most authentic rally games ever. It is unrelentingly challenging thanks to an extremely realistic physics and handling model and brutally difficult A.I., but it can be one of the most satisfying and fun racing experiences you’ll ever have. It requires patience, practice, and skill to be successful, but if you’re dedicated enough DiRT Rally is truly something special.

Best Fighting Game: Tekken 7

True to form with fighting styles, Tekken 7 brings to life a stylistic and beautiful fighting game with a multitude of characters and intense combinations of techniques and martial art combo moves. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, giving realistic graphics and cinematic fluid battle action sequences that bear an impact on the intense gameplay with each thrown first and kicking foot.

Tekken 7 includes a huge roster of over 36 characters from various Tekken games (even from its 1994 original launch), and Akuma from Street Fighter makes an appearance. Each character features a unique combat style that can acclimate to player’s preferences and tastes in how they’re deployed. Included is offline and online multiplayer matchmaking, plus a solo campaign that tests player’s skills in seeing if they can truly be the winner of the King of Iron First Tournament.