The 7 Best USB-C Monitors to Buy in 2018

Upgrade your computer screen with this must-have port

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USB-C has taken the accessory world by storm. And now, an increasing number of devices are supporting the technology to take advantage of its many features.

Indeed, USB-C is one of the more versatile connection options in the technology space. With help from USB-C, you can transfer data at fast speeds and connect additional monitors to everything from tablets to laptops. And since USB-C is designed for ample power coverage, you can employ the technology to rapidly charge devices.

Seeing an opportunity to take advantage of the USB-C craze, a variety of monitor makers, including LG, HP, and Asus offer USB-C ports. Like other devices that support USB-C, the monitors offer flexibility with those port options, allowing you to charge your smartphone or plug in extra monitors in the same port. And in some cases, when there are multiple USB-C ports on the same monitor, you can do all of that and more at the same time.

Ultimately, USB-C monitors offer some of the best flexibility and give you the most control. But finding the right one for you can be difficult since you have to take into consideration screen size, budget, design, number of ports and more. To help, we researched the best USB-C monitors on worth your money, so making a decision will be easy.

Best Overall: LG 34UC99-W

If budget isn’t a concern and you’re simply on the lookout for the very best USB-C-equipped monitor on the market, the LG 34UC99-W is the one to check out.

The monitor comes with a curved screen that measures a whopping 34 inches. But since it’s curved, be aware that it’s wider than standard monitors and therefore has a wider aspect ratio of 21:9.

The screen has a 3840 x 1600 pixel resolution and has a Screen Split 2.0 feature that lets you dynamically change how windows are arranged on the display. With help from its USB-C port, you can transfer data and access 4K content from the port. And with a feature called FreeSync, you can ensure that the fast-moving action from your video games will run more smoothly by synching your graphics card frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate.

If you have a long document you have to read but are concerned about your eyes, the LG 34UC99-W has a Reader Mode that reduces blue light and ultimately lessens eye fatigue.

The LG 34UC99-W has a little something for everyone. And if you want the same experience but something a bit bigger, there’s a 38-inch option available. But either way, get ready to spend big to get the best overall USB-C monitor on the market (it's definitely worth it though).

In the world of USB-C-ready monitors, there’s really no such thing as a budget-friendly monitor. Instead, there are those that have exorbitant price tags and those that come with more realistic prices for the typical consumer. LG’s 34UM69G-B fits into the latter category.

LG’s monitor comes with a 34-inch flat screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The display has a 2560 x 1080 resolution, which should suffice for most uses. There’s also a 1ms Motion Blur Reduction feature so fast-paced visuals will still look good on the monitor.

The monitor comes with a variety of controls to help you improve your visual experience. AMD FreeSync, for instance, will ensure that your graphics card’s frame rate matches the monitor’s refresh rate. A Dynamic Action Sync means the monitor is ideal for video games, and a Black Stabilizer option will keep your dark scenes looking the way they should.

In addition to the USB-C port, you’ll find a variety of input options, including HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort. You’ll also notice some nice design accents, like the V-Line standard’s pops of red color to add to the broader visual appeal of your screen.

If budget isn’t a concern but the way a monitor looks in your home is, the HP Envy 34 is the way to go. HP’s Envy 34 has a curved screen that measures, as its name might suggest, 34 inches. The display has a 21:9 aspect ratio and thanks to its wide view and thin bezels, 34 percent more screen real estate than comparably equipped 16:9 options.

The screen has an eye-popping 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution and a 6ms response time to help you enjoy fast-moving content. And in case you’re viewing content with friends in the same room, its 178-degree wide viewing angle should mean its picture will hold up even if you’re not looking at it head-on.

The monitor puts its display center stage and has thin bezels all around the screen. On the bottom, you’ll find an area where the device’s Bang & Olufsen speakers live, delivering rich sound for music and spoken word. And just in case you’re concerned about people spying on you, the HP Envy 34 comes with a Privacy Webcam that only pops up when called upon.

The USB-C port is flanked by DisplayPort, HDMI and two USB 3.0 ports.

Best Sound: Asus Designo MX27UC

The Asus Designo MX27UC is all about entertainment and ensuring that you get your visual and audio entertainment in one package.

The monitor comes with a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and an outstanding viewing angle of 178 degrees, so you and your friends can enjoy content in a room. An Asus Eye Care technology is built in to eliminate screen flickering and reduce eye fatigue with a blue light filter. And since the monitor displays such a high resolution, you can use your USB-C port to pair with devices delivering 4K video.

To complement that visual experience, Asus has bundled two 3W speakers and amplifiers in the Designo. The company has also developed a SonicMaster sound optimization technology with ICEpower to ensure the Bang & Olufsen speakers are sounding good regardless of where you are.

Asus was also quick to tout the Design’s design, which comes with thin bezels all around and a variety of ports to choose from, including DisplayPort, HDMI and USB 3.1.

Best for Offices: Dell S2718D

True to form, Dell offers one of the best monitor options for office use with its Dell S2718D.

The monitor, which comes with a 27-inch LED display featuring a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio, has a nearly borderless design that leaves no room for any ports. So, Dell bundled all of the ports in the base of the monitor, giving you the ability to plug in devices that rely on USB-C, HDMI and other ports.

Interestingly, the Dell design lends itself to a more portable-conscious customer. Unlike many other monitors that can weigh 10 or even 20 pounds, Dell’s S2718D weighs just 6.5 pounds, making it easy to move from one place to another.

To deliver high-quality visuals, Dell has bundled high dynamic range, or HDR, support in its monitor. The company was also quick to note that its monitor has a high contrast ratio to bolster its visual appeal.

The Dell S2718D comes with a USB-C cable to power the monitor. The device’s USB-C port can be used for double duty, allowing you to plug in a notebook to not only charge the notebook through your monitor but also deliver dual-display visuals.

Best for Dual-Monitor Setups: Acer 277HU

Acer’s H277HU was designed for those who want to place two monitors next to each other for a truly wide and visually stunning experience.

The H277HU measures 27 inches and has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The screen’s 100-million-to-one contrast ratio means your picture quality should be quite good. The monitor comes with a 4ms response time to handle fast-moving content and gives you your choice of HDMI or DisplayPort alongside the USB-C port.

Speaking of that USB-C port, Acer said that it can be used to perform a variety of functions, including powering mobile devices such as laptops or smartphones, transferring data off an external hard drive or delivering high-resolution video.

Arguably its most important feature, however, is its design. The monitor comes with what Acer calls a ZeroFrame design, so you can place it next to another 277HU and the visual experience will feel seamless. It achieves that by delivering an exceedingly thin bezel on either side that, even when matched with another 277HU, isn’t thick enough to detract from whatever it is you’re looking at on the screen.

Acer’s 277HU also has a tilting function that lets you adjust its viewing angle from -5 degrees to 15 degrees, which should mean for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Best for Portability: AOC i1601fwux

Sometimes, having a monitor that’s tethered to the wall just doesn’t make sense. And it’s in those cases where the AOC i1601fwux could prove to be the very best option you consider.

Unlike many other monitors, the AOC option is portable and comes with a kickstand of sorts, so you can prop it up whether you’re in the office, at home or on an airplane. The screen measures 16 inches and comes with a full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its contrast ratio isn’t necessarily the best at 700:1, but for that loss in visual fidelity, you get the opportunity to carry the screen with you wherever you go.

Best of all, the AOC doesn’t actually require a power cable. Instead, you simply plug in a USB-C cable from whichever device you want and the screen will power up and display your visuals. And you can even pivot the screen to view content in either landscape or portrait mode.

Since the AOC monitor is designed for portability, it’s perhaps no surprise that at .33 inches, it’s exceedingly thin. And since it only weighs 1.8 pounds, you can throw it into a bag and get going without it placing too much of a burden on your back.