The 4 Best 3D TVs to Buy in 2018

Although 3D doesn't get the hype it did just a couple of years ago and the selection of 3D-enabled TVs has dwindled, there are now well over 300 3D Blu-ray disc titles available in the U.S. market, as well as several online 3D content sources, such as Vudu 3D. Just like internet streaming, 3D is one of the feature options you can get on a small number of LCD and OLED TVs - but what are the best 3D TVs? To get you started in finding the 3D TV that is right for you, check out my current list.

Also, for everything you need to know about 3D, check out my Complete Guide to Watching 3D At Home. Also, I have more 3D TV buying suggestions included in my in 1080p LCD  and 4K Ultra HD TV product lists.

If you are looking for not only the Best 3D TV but one of the best TVs to come along so far, then consider the LG OLEDE6P Series OLED TVs.

In terms of 3D, the LG E6P Series utilizes LG's Cinema 3D technology, that supports comfortable to wear and less expensive Passive Polarized Glasses (2 Pairs Included). For added 3D support, the E6P series includes real time 3D conversion for 2D sources and 3D to 2D conversion (if desired). Also, for two player gameplay, these sets provide split screen point-of-view (additional glasses purchase required).

Of course, in addition to 3D, there are other reasons that make this TV worth consideration. First off, it adheres to Ultra HD Premium specifications which mean it's optimized to deliver the possible color and detail, which include 1080-to-4K upscaling for 3D content (4K 3D+). In addition, because the E6P sets are OLED TVs, they can deliver deep black levels that match the best Plasma TVs (which are no longer available).

The sets also incorporate HDR display capability with compatible content, such as provided by Netflix and Vudu, as well as the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc format (Note: HDR Content is 2D only).

Add extensive network and streaming content access, as well as the ability for users to stream content directly from compatible smartphones and tablets via Miracast and Wifi Direct, the LG OLED6EP Series TVs, are hard to beat.

The OLED6EP Series comes in 55 and 65-inch screen sizes.

The LG UH8500 Series is a 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TV line that can display 3D images. For 3D viewing, just as on its 3D-enabled OLED TVs LG employs its LG Cinema 3D technology, which uses passive glasses.

Some of the benefits of passive glasses include better 3D viewing comfort, increased brightness of 3D images, no need for battery charging or replacement, and the lower prices charged for passive 3D glasses (about $10 each - but the TV comes with two pairs). Also, even though most 3D sources are limited to 1080p resolution, LG's 4K more upscale brings out more detail which counteracts softening of 3D images sometimes encountered when viewing on a 1080p TV.

Additional features on the UH8500 Series sets include real time 3D conversion for 2D sources, 3D to 2D conversion (if desired), and the ability to display simultaneously overlaid images on the screen at the same time, which can be viewed separately by two people wearing special dual play glasses (sold separately). This is great for dual player gameplay.

Added features include HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR display capability (with compatible content), 120Hz screen refresh rate with added LG TruMotion 240 motion processing, WebOS 3.0 operating system, network streaming from PCs and other compatible devices, as well as internet streaming from a host of content providers, such as Netflix (including 4K streaming) via Ethernet or WiFi connection.

The LG UH8500 Series TVs come in the 55, 60, 65, 75-inch screen sizes

The Sony XBR-X930D series 4K Ultra HD TVs come both 55 and 65-inch sizes and offer up 3D viewing capability using the Active Shutter Glasses option (TDG-BT500A glasses require additional purchase - Buy from Amazon).

In addition to 3D viewing, the X930 series incorporates Sony's Triluminos Color enhancement technology, and are HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 compliant.

Ethernet/LAN and built-in Wifi is also provided for network/internet connection convenience featuring the Google's Android TV internet streaming platform, as well as Google Cast. Also, the sets are Miracast enabled, which allows direct streaming from compatible portable devices.

However, there are some additional features to check out, including built-in access to PlayStation Now (game controller required) and even more significant, the incorporation of Extended Dynamic Range capability (HDR).

Watching 3D on a 4k Ultra HD TV is quite an experience. Although, currently, the 3D source material is primarily 1080p, taking advantage of the Samsung JU7100 Series set's upscaling and video processing capabilities really adds to the 3D viewing experience, in terms of both detail and motion tracking.

The Samsung JU7100 enables you to watch 3D Blu-ray Discs from a 3D-enabled Blu-ray Disc player and other 3D sources, as well as built-in real-time 2D-to-3D conversion. Although not as precise as content specifically produced in 3D, the conversion process does add depth to 2D images. On the downside, 3D glasses are an optional purchase - they are not included with the TV. Samsung uses the Active Shutter glasses system.

On the other hand, in addition to 3D, the JU7100 series sets are top notch TVs that can display excellent 4K native or upscaled images supported by Samsung's Clear Motion Rate 240 which combines screen refresh rate (120Hz), image processing (including enhanced black level capability), and LED lighting with local dimming technology to produce detailed and smooth motion images.

The JU7100 series also provides extensive Smart TV capabilities supported by Quad Core Processing (just like a PC) and built-in WiFi, that provides you with access to an abundance internet and home network-based content via the Tizen operating system, including a full web browser.

Also, an added bonus is that screen mirroring (Miracast) functionality is also included with allows you to display content on your TV from a compatible portable device, such as Smartphone or tablet.

Samsung also provides a Smart Touch Remote that also allows the TV to be controlled by voice. If you are planning to make the jump to 4K and/or 3D, this is definitely one TV to consider.

This TV offered in the 40, 50, 55, 65, and 75-inch screen sizes

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