How to Backup Text Messages

Tired of deleting texts on your phone? You can archive them for free


The more you text, the more you may find yourself having to delete them once your cell phone runs out of storage space. But what if you archived your text messages online so they’re saved forever? You can (for free!) with Treasuremytext.

While there are other ways to backup your text messages, they typically require a more advanced user. Treasuremytext is the main service that makes this easy.

Following a quick and free registration at Treasuremytext, you’re well on your way to free text message archiving. The (mostly free) service will assign you a long-distance phone number. You’ll get one number for the United States and Canada and a different number for the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Usage of the U.S. and Canada number is free. Certain carriers in the United Kingdom (such as T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile) may assess fees for the usage of that phone number.

When you receive a text message you want archived online at Treasuremytext, just forward it to this phone number.

If you’re on a text messaging plan with your carrier that has a limited amount of SMS messages, the forwarding of this message will count against your total remaining.

Treasuremytext, though, won’t charge you for the forward or the archiving. If you’re on an unlimited text messaging plan, the service is entirely free for you. International text messaging, on the other hand, costs 5 cents per SMS with a Treasuremytext advertisement in the message or 10 cents per text without an ad.

Once your messages are stored online, you have various tools to help you organize them. You can create folders and contacts, for example, and add notes about the various messages. You can also print text messages and send SMS messages from the Web for 5 cents each. Other services allow you to text from the Web for free.

Various apps help smartphones (including the iPhone and Google Android-powered handsets) use the service more efficiently. Like the popular microblogging service Twitter, Treasuremytext also allows you to share your messages publicly in a TextStream.