Top 6 Apps for Monitoring Mobile Data Usage

Avoid excess data usage charges on your smartphone or tablet

Unless you have an unlimited data plan for your smartphone or tablet, you have a service plan that limits the amount of data you can transfer online every billing cycle. To avoid exceeding these limits and incurring excess billing charges, monitor data usage on a smartphone or tablet using one of these popular apps. Some of the apps are free; others charge a small fee.

Data Usage

Data Usage App (
Data Usage App Screenshot.

The Data Usage app is easy to install and uses theme colors that change to reflect current usage status. The app includes all the essential features of a data monitoring system:

  • The ability to track over time periods that match a user's billing cycles
  • Separate tracking for real-time monitoring of cellular and Wi-Fi data 
  • Historical usage reports
  • Ability to set thresholds and receive notifications for exceeded limits.
  • Predicts when you will go over your limits and sets daily quotas 

Download the Data Usage for Android or Data Usage for iOS app for your mobile device.

An available Data Usage Pro app for iOS includes additional options for configuring customized trackers that might appeal to techies.

The iOS app requires iOS 9.0 or later. The Android app requirements vary by device.

3G Watchdog Pro

3G Watchdog - Data Usage App
3G Watchdog - Data Usage App.

3G Watchdog and 3G Watchdog Pro are usage managers for Android mobile devices. They provide a helpful option that automatically turns off cellular network access when usage exceeds a defined threshold. Developed years ago originally for 3G, the app supports newer 4G connections as well as Wi-Fi connections.

The Pro version supports reporting usage per application, historical charting, and the ability to ignore uploads to match how some providers do billing. It includes advanced data usage prediction and tracks multiple SIM cards automatically.

See 3G Watchdog and 3G Watchdog Pro for Android mobile devices. Requirements vary by device.

Note: The Google Play download screen for 3G Watchdog and 3G Watchdog Pro lists a few known problems with specific phone models. 

DataMan Pro

DataMan Next
DataMan Next.

The DataMan Pro app for iOS devices bills itself as "your superweapon against overage." This app reports usage not only for a device's cellular communication but also for Wi-Fi connections. Key features include:

  • Tracks LTE, 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi
  • Maps locations where you use data
  • Supports rollover and carryover data
  • Maintains an hourly and daily history
  • Works with all carriers
  • Generates smart forecast to predict whether you'll stay within your data cap
  • Displays real-time stats
  • Makes intelligent suggestions for usage limits
  • Includes watchOS 4 app

DataMan Pro requires iOS 10.3 or later.

My Data Manager

My Data Manager
My Data Manager.

Take control of your data with the My Data Manager app on your mobile device. Use the app every day to track how much data you are using and to receive alerts before you fly past your data limit. 

Features of the My Data Manager app include:

  • Monitors mobile, roaming, and Wi-Fi
  • Supports custom usage alarms to avoid overage charges
  • Supports shared and family plans and track usage across all members' devices
  • Manages data across multiple devices
  • Maintains history of data consumption
  • Monitors apps to see which ones consume the most data each month

My Data Manager for Android requires Android 4.0 or later My Data Manager for iOS requires iOS 10.2 or later.


myAT&T - Data Usage
myAT&T - Data Usage.

AT&T subscribers can use the myAT&T app to stay on top of their accounts, view official data usage reports for their accounts, and perform other account administration functions. Information for all accounts is available on the main screen of the app. Use the app to:

  • Monitor your usage
  • Manage your wireless account
  • View billing details
  • Pay your bill
  • Upgrade your phone or plan
  • Make changes to your plan 

The myAT&T for Android app requires Android 5.0 and up, and myAT&T for iOS is compatible with iOS 9.3 or later.

My Verizon

My Verizon Mobile
My Verizon Mobile.

Verizon Wireless subscribers can use the My Verizon app to check official data usage against plan limits. It works best with recent or unlimited plans. It offers basic data monitoring capability, and you can:

  • Use the apps data hub as a data control center
  • Review and manage your plan. Switch to a different plan or go Unlimited from the app.
  • View and pay your bill from the app
  • Gain on-demand support
  • Shop for new devices and accessories
  • Check in for appointments in a Verizon store
  • Scan items in a Verizon store for self-checkout

The My Verizon for Android app requirement varies by device. The My Verizon for iOS is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later.

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