AMIBIOS Beep Code Troubleshooting

Fixes for Specific AMI Beep Code Errors

AMIBIOS is a kind of BIOS manufactured by American Megatrends (AMI). Many popular motherboard manufacturers have integrated AMI's AMIBOS into their systems.

Other motherboard manufacturers have created custom BIOS software based on the AMIBIOS system. The beep codes from an AMIBIOS-based BIOS may be exactly the same as the true AMIBIOS beep codes below or they may vary slightly. You can always reference your motherboard's manual if you think this might be an issue.

Note: AMIBIOS beep codes are short, sound in quick succession, and usually sound immediately after powering on the PC.

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1 Beep

A single beep from an AMI based BIOS means there has been a memory refresh timer error. The solution is often to replace the RAM in the computer.
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2 Beeps

Two beeps means there has been a parity error in base memory. This is an issue with the first 64KB block of memory in your RAM. The solution is usually to replace the memory.
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3 Beeps

Three beeps means there has been a base memory read/write test error. Replacing the RAM usually solves this AMI beep code.

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4 Beeps

Four beeps means that the motherboard timer is not working properly. A hardware failure with an expansion card or the motherboard itself could be the cause of this beep code.
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5 Beeps

Five beeps means there has been a processor error. A damaged expansion card, the CPU, or the motherboard could be prompting this AMI beep code.

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6 Beeps

Six beeps means that there has been an 8042 Gate A20 test error. This beep code is usually caused by an expansion card that has failed or the motherboard that is no longer working.
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7 Beeps

Seven beeps indicates a general exception error. This AMI beep code could be caused by an expansion card problem, a motherboard hardware issue, or a damaged CPU. Replacing the faulty hardware usually fixes the cause of this beep code.
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8 Beeps

Eight beeps means that there has been an error with the display memory. This beep code is usually caused by a faulty video card. Replacing the video card usually clears this up.

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9 Beeps

Nine beeps means that there has been an AMIBIOS ROM checksum error. Literally, this would indicate an issue with the BIOS chip on the motherboard. However, since replacing a BIOS chip is sometimes impossible, this AMI BIOS issue is usually corrected by replacing the motherboard.
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10 Beeps

Ten beeps means that there has been a CMOS shutdown register read/write error. This beep code is usually caused by a hardware issue with the AMI BIOS chip. A motherboard replacement will usually solve this problem, although it could be caused by a damaged expansion card in rare situations.
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11 Beeps

Eleven beeps means that the cache memory test has failed. Some piece of failing hardware is usually to blame for this AMI BIOS beep code.

Not Using an AMI BIOS (AMIBIOS) or Not Sure?

If you're not using an AMI based BIOS then the troubleshooting guides above won't help. To see troubleshooting information for other types of BIOS systems or to figure out what kind of BIOS you have, see my How to Troubleshoot Beep Codes guide.