Enter the Afterlight: Photo Editing App

One of the best photo editing apps on both iOS and Android is Afterlight.  

Afterlight can be powerful or it can be very simple.  You can make simple adjustments to creating a batch process and ultimately creating your very own preset.  There are few apps out there that do this and the ones that do may not have as great as an output as Afterlight. 

This batch feature is called "Fusion" in Afterlight.  Basically its similar to the Photoshop action where you create a set of actions that you could use for batch images or similar images. This tutorial shows you how to use it.

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Enter Afterlight

Brad Puet

Open up Afterlight and as you can see it opens up with your most recent photos.  You can also take a new photo or open up an image from you camera roll.  

You can also see the great images made by Afterlight by hitting the Instagram icon.  Right next to that is the Settings button.  This includes options to start in Camera Mode, save your EXIF and location, use your full resolution, access low light boost, auto save to your camera roll, and choose the background color during editing.

For this first step, choose an image.

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Choose a Preset

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Once you have chosen a photo, it will bring you to a preview.  Here you can choose the image and it'll open up to the editor.

Below you will find (in this order from left to right) Revert, Adjustments, Filters, Dusts and Grains, Crops and Straighten, and Double Exposure.

For this step choose Filters>Fusion>Hit the +. 

Choose a Filter and make your adjustments as needed. 

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Name and Save

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Once you are happy with the image, you can compare the image with its original by pressing the your image.  It will give you both the original and the draft of your work.

After that, hit the "Done" button in the upper right hand corner. This will prompt you to name your "Fusion."

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Save and Share

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After your "Fusion" has been saved you can then choose from the following options: 

  1. Size of the images
  2. Save to your Camera Roll
  3. Share to Social Media
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Brad Puet

That's it! Now all you have to do is wait for the likes to start rolling in  Again, there are many apps out there that have many of the same features, but Afterlight offers one of the better batch options for mobile photographers.