How to Add Search Engines to Internet Explorer 11

Use your favorite search engine with IE11

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Internet Explorer 11 comes with Microsoft's Bing as the default engine. With Bing, you enter search terms directly in the browser's address bar. IE allows you to add other search engines by selecting from a predefined set of add-ons available in the Internet Explorer Gallery.

Check for Installed Search Engines

IE11 search engines
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Check to see which browsers are already installed on your IE 11.

  1. Open your IE browser.
  2. Click on the down arrow found on the right side of the address bar.  A pop-up window appears below the address bar, displaying a list of suggested URLs and search terms. At the bottom of this window are small icons, each depicting an installed search engine. The active/default search engine is denoted by a square border and light blue background hue.
  3. Designate a different search engine as the default option by clicking on its respective icon.

How to Install a New Search Engine

To add a new search engine to IE11:

  1. Click on the Add button, located to the far right of the small icons at the bottom of the screen you just opened. This opens the Internet Explorer Gallery in a new browser tab.
  2. Click the new search engine, translator, or another add-on to open its main page. There are several search-related add-ons available as well as translators and dictionary services, including Google Search, eBay Visual Search, GraysOnline Visual Search, The Arena, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and YouTube, among other entries.
  3. The main page for the add-on you choose contains details including the source URL, type, and description of the add-on. Click on Add.
  4. Place checks in the boxes next to the configurable options you want in IE11's Add Search Provider dialog. Within this dialog, you have the option to designate this new provider as IE's default option, as well as whether you want suggestions to be generated from this particular provider.
  5. Click Add when you are satisfied with the settings to complete the installation process.